Eddy Owen
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Place of Birth United States
Affiliation (none)
Weapons/Equipment (none)
First Appearance Danger Girl 1
Eddy Owen [src]

Eddy Owen is a multi-millionaire. Residing in England, he is the creator of a role-playing game called "Enchantment the Congregating". He also has a personal collection of mystical artifacts.


"What kind of dork still collects D&D figures?"
Johnny Barracuda referring to Eddy Owen's collection of figures [src]

While playing on-line computer games at his house in England, Hammer agents storm the place in search of an ancient helmet Eddy has in his possession. During the raid, he's knocked unconscious.

When he comes to, the Danger Girls are there. A fight between the Girls and Hammer ensues and Eddy's house is completely destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Eddy Owen is a typical "geek" who is into the fantasy genre, such as Dungeons & Dragons.


Image GalleryEdit

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