Gender Male
Hair White
Eyes (color unknown)
Place of Birth Atlantis
Affiliation Atlantis
Weapons/Equipment Sword of Sovereignty, Helmet of Second Sight, Shield of Immunity
First Appearance Danger Girl 4
"I have no use for any Hammer Empire."
Aticleas [src]

Aticleas was the leader of the Atlantian Army in the days before Atlantis was destroyed.

His possessions (the Sword of Sovereignty, the Helmet of Second Sight, and the Shield of Immunity) had all been recovered thousands of years later by Hammer. When all three pieces were brought together, he was reborn in the body of the frail Hammer Fuhrer.

The missiles Abbey Chase fired from the helicopter caused explosions, which led to ocean water washing over Hammer Island and destroying Aticleas once again.


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